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Ian Loram will be showing 10 bikes from his jaw-dropping collection at this year’s Classic Bike Live event at Peterborough Arena on October 28/29, while current Norton boss Stuart Garner is bringing a further selection of machines. Visitors to the show, sponsored by Footman James, will be able to see Ian’s 1926 Maudes Trophy winning Model 19 combination, a 1927 Model CJ (Camshaft Junior), a 1928 cammy CS1 racer and a 1929 ES2 restored by the late Doctor George Cohen. From the ’30s, there’ll be a 1935 Model 20 twin-port and the 1937 Model 35 twin port that won best single at the Norton gathering at the 100th anniversary TT in 2007. Completing the line-up of Ian’s bikes are a ’56 Featherbed International, ’63 Atlas Scrambler, ’77 MkIII Commando and ’88 Rotary Classic. It’s all looking good for the last big classic show of the year. Don’t miss it.

Norton Display

1928 CS1 Norton