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The Footman James Classic Bike Live special display celebrating Scottish racing legend Bob McIntyre and engineer Joe Potts, who developed a number of innovative engines for McIntyre and others. Read more here...




There will be a dedicated area in which bike owners from all over the UK are invited to show case their beautifully-restored classics in a bid to win the coveted “Best in Show” award. Find out more about taking part here.

The Peterborough Arena will become a classic bike enthusiast's paradise on October 28-29 when it showcases the very best in restored British, Japanese and European motorcycles – and hosts a huge auto jumble and special guests.


Fire-up Paddock


A number of bikes from yesteryear will be wheeled into the paddock for a blast down memory lane.


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Hunt for that elusive part, accessory, piece of kit and tools to help you complete your project or start a new one.  Get help and advice from our experts and celebrities and also buy the parts and tools to do the job yourself.


Come along and meet the racers and experts in the flesh, have a chat, get some expert advice and take a selfie or grab a couple autographs while you are there!



Classic Clubs


An array of motorcycle clubs will put on a display showcasing a variety of classics and visitors will have the chance to benefit from the clubs knowledge of a particular make, marque or model.


Want to know what to expect? View our 2016 Event Photo Gallery


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